Pandemic of fake news and WhatsApp new feature

News, what a wonderful medium to gain information about the current station and affairs going on in the world but as there is legit news some people also spread misleading ones. Talking about misleading news how can we forget to talk about the main source of it, that is WhatsApp University, the root cause of many misleading news and reports.
                In the current situation of this pandemic everyone has become a doctor and authorities from WHO, who are spreading the news to prevent yourself against corona, such as to drink cow’s urine or to bathe in cow dunk or creating a religious war through some misleading information. According to human psychology, negative things spread a lot faster, if you ask why so? The answer is because humans want their loved ones to be safe from getting harmed as a first priority than a celebration.

             For such information transfer, WhatsApp plays an important role as more than 5 Billion+ people have downloaded this application, which makes people more connected with each other easily and Hence to prevent spreading of such misleading information WhatsApp Have launched an Update.
              In this Update a particular message can be “Forwarded “only to 5 individual contacts. The person can’t send a message to more than 5 contacts. A very commendable effort done by WhatsApp, but is it enough?
Well, here is a catch some plot holes to be precise.
What If anyone shared a misleading message to a group having a large number of contacts?
(Well the government is saying they have an eye on group activities hence they applied to group admins to change their group settings to “Only Admins“.)

And it also doesn’t work if someone created a broadcast list with a large number of contacts and send it to them. If we also look at the update’s feature to Forward message to 5 contacts, still it’s shareable. This means if those five people share that message to the other 5 people and so on.

So What should we Do?
What we can do is being responsible. It’s an individual’s own responsibility not to spread such misleading information to create chaos among civilians, Don’t trust the message so easily look for the source of the news.

Though the medium is WhatsApp and WhatsApp is trying its best to avoid misinformation to spread, but still, WhatsApp has its limitations.

Prarabdha Dhavale

Digital Marketing Manager & SEO SMM Specialist, ON Web Technologies (MH, India)

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