Professional Programmes in Cyber Security

Get Complete Knowledge from Basics to Advanced, with Real Life Practical Examples Completely ONLINE

Programme 01

Foundation Programme in Cyber Security

Best for Non Technical Person / Student.

Basic Concepts of Cyber Security, Cyber Crimes, Networking, Tricks and Tips, Hands on Practice, Social Engineering Techniques, Current Scenario and much more.

3 Days Theory + Practical Sessions

Programme 02

Advanced Programme in Cyber Security

Best for Technical & Non Technical Person / Student.

Advanced Cyber Crimes, Methods of Cyber Criminals, Cyber Laws, Web Security, App Security, and much more.

5 Days Theory + Practical Sessions
(Requirement : Completion of Cyber Security Basics)

Programme 03

Professional Programme in Cyber Security

Anyone who is passionate about Cyber Security and want to grow India as Cyber Safe Country.

Advanced Cyber Methods, Network Security, Intro to Forensics, Cyber Terrorism, Spying, Online frauds and Investigation, Hands on Practice.

10 Days Theory + Practical Sessions

No Technical Qualification Required | Anybody can Join, Learn and Spread

Key Benefit 1

Certificate for each Programme

Key Benefit 2

Lifetime Support and Guidance

Key Benefit 3

Free Membership of Cyber Sakshar

Key Benefit 4

Regular New Updates

Key Benefit 5

Internship Programme
'Cyber Doot'

Key Benefit 6

Participation in Online & Offline Activities

Onkar Gandhe
(Cyber Security Consultant)

"Let's Make India Cyber Secure.!"

These Cyber Security Courses are for Cyber Security Awareness.

These Courses will help the participants to know more about Cyber Security, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Crime Methodologies, Cyber Laws, etc. practically.

This will encourage the participants to spread Cyber Security Awareness and helps in reducing Cyber Crimes.

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